Workshop 1 – Bird monitoring, decision making and public policies

Bird monitoring, decision making and public policies: monitoring birds can provide powerful and suitable outputs to be used by decision makers in landscape planning, environmental issues and public policies. This special workshop organized by the coordination of LabOr will actually run as an open seminar and aims to discuss the prominence of bird monitoring in society and what drivers should be considered in order to improve the influence of bird monitoring outputs in public policies. Read more here.

Workshop 2 – EBBA2

EBBA2: the workshop on the second European Breeding Bird Atlas will present up-to-date information on the progress of the project. It will provide an opportunity to discuss issues of general interest with the coordination team. The workshop is organized by the EBBA2 coordination team primarily for national EBBA2 coordinators but other people interested in the project are also welcome.

Workshop 3 – PECBMS

PECBMS: the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme is an extraordinary example of the importance of bird monitoring for society. The PECBMS coordination unit will report on activities and tasks implemented during last 3 years and will present an outlook for further development of the programme. Sharing experience among the coordinators of monitoring schemes as well as discussion of important issues will also be on the agenda. The workshop is organized by the project coordination for people engaged in monitoring schemes namely national coordinators and people interested in bird numbers and trends. Read more here.


Workshop 4 – International Waterbirds Census

International Waterbirds Census: The workshop for the International Waterbird Census begins to be traditional in EBCC Conferences as a post-conference event. The workshop is organized for national coordinators of the IWC by Tom Langendoen and Szabolcs Nagy from Wetlands International. The workshop will address various topics relevant for the census in the region and facilitate experience sharing between coordinators.

Top Photo © Tiago Caravana